In the computing world, the creation of a virtual version of something rather than an actual one is more commonly referred to as “virtualization.”  It includes but is not limited to computer hardware platforms, network resources, OS or operating system, and/or storage devices.  For all intents and purposes, virtualization by itself is the most effective avenue for boosting agility and efficiency while at the same time reducing a small and medium sized company’s overall IT expenses.  Furthermore, it enables you to:

  •  improve productivity by consolidating hardware and utilizing fewer servers
  • increase deployment speed of newer applications while simplifying IT maintenance and management
  • run multiple, single server-based applications and operating systems
  • save up to 50% on your IT costs

Basically, virtualization provides companies with higher efficiency levels, increased access and availability, and reduced costs. If your company is looking for this service, please give us a call today.

Virtualization Management

Cloud1 Networks provides virtualization management capabilities to small and medium sized businesses that are searching for more effective ways of reducing their overall IT investment.  For newer companies, this is an ideal way to maximize their IT resources monitoring their costs and keeping them in check.  We have incorporated the most stable virtualization management solutions and technology into our IT services.  Most importantly, the right virtualization management solution enables small and medium sized businesses alike to eliminate the burden of capacity planning and managing their IT resources.
Ironically, companies who are not managing their infrastructure are spending a great deal of their resources on buying, maintaining, and upgrading their hardware.  With our virtualization management solutions, you can focus on expansion projects and growing your business by letting our support center manage your current data applications.  In return, you’ll get a more efficient single-tenant IT infrastructure that can be tailored to address your specific needs and handle the most demanding operational tasks in the process.

 How You Benefit

The virtualization management specialists at Cloud1 Network are available 24/7/365 to help you organize, plan, and/or structure your IT environment as well as troubleshoot whenever necessary.  In the process, your company will benefit from:
Increased agility – you will have the capability to increase or reduce your capacity based on the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.  As a result, you will be able to focus on enhancing the core of your business by freeing up additional internal IT resources.
Leveraging a hybrid IT architecture – by migrating your applications into a hybrid architecture you can optimize costs and performance levels by connecting your dedicated environment and moving your data components to a bare server.
Reduced overall risk – we can assist you in planning and developing a secure, hosted environment by utilizing hardware from some of the “big name brand” vendors of the industry.  You can rest assured that stored data will always be safe and secure while enjoying the peace of mind that you deserve.
Call us today with your custom requirements and we’ll be glad to help you with our technical know-how. Our networking and IT architectural engineers will design a custom network for your company.

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