Coaxial Cable

Cloud1Networks is an industry leader in managed IT services and structured cabling solutions for small and medium sized business. One of the many services that we offer includes network cabling and structured cabling solutions. Whether it is Cat5e, Cat6, or coaxial cable, we can customize a solution that is tailored to the specific needs of your business. Coaxial cable, or coax for short, is most commonly used for high-frequency transmitting digital audio, telephone, and TV signals. It is also capable of carrying high frequency analog signals.

Essentials of IT service

Coaxial cables are an essential component of managed IT services and telecommunications as well as a number of other applications including:

  • broadcasting applications
  • cable and satellite TV transmissions
  • CATV (community antenna television)
  • CCTV (closed circuit television)
  • computer networks (information superhighway)
  • LAN’s (local area networks)
  • security monitoring
  • telephone systems

Furthermore, coax cable is oftentimes used in a wide range of structural applications such as commercial, industrial, and residential installations. Basically, its versatility is its key selling point because of the above applications and uses.

How do You Benefit?

If you own and operate a small or medium sized business, coaxial cable can be used with your high-speed data access. It does not require a hub and requires considerably less cable than other IT or telecommunications solutions. This means that you save money with coaxial cable when compared to other options. So the fact that it is very cost-effective is the primary benefit of using this type of cable. Another key point is that it is most likely the default cable used in numerous applications.

From the standpoint of benefiting from the use of coaxial cable, most electronics today are compatible with this type of cable. Furthermore, another key benefit is its shielding capabilities, which is extremely important where outside security monitoring is concerned. As a result, you’ll experience far less interference with coaxial cable because it protects the signal against electromagnetic interference. This will help to avoid static while at the same time maximizing picture quality, which is an essential requirement.

Structured Cabling Solutions

One of the most critical functions of your IT infrastructure is the need to adapt to emerging technologies quickly and cost-effectively while at the same time supporting essential systems. Most importantly, your IT infrastructure’s backbone is a structured cabling system that is highly adaptable and robust. Among our many services, Cloud1 Networks specializes in data, fiber optic, and voice cabling as well as wireless LAN (local area network) rollouts. These are all based on high-quality, reliable, cabling that measures up to the highest industry standards. A properly structured cable system will enable you to be more competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Let Cloud1 Networks expert specialists show you how we can provide your small or medium sized company with a customized structured cabling solution that facilitates the specific needs of your business. Contact us or call us today to know more about our specialized IT services and how we can be of assistance.

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