Structured Cabling

A complete system of cabling and related hardware components is more commonly known as a structured cabling system. It provides different entities (e.g. business offices and other buildings) with a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure that serves a broad range of functions such as data transmitting or telephone service via a computer network. Although it should not be device-dependent, it can be structured in terms of ownership. This means that the system starts at the point where the SP (service provider) ends or demarcation.

Additionally, no two structured cabling systems are alike. This is due to the variations found in:

  • building architecture housing the cabling
  • cable and connection products
  • configuration, including retrofits and upgrades, of an existing system
  • current and future types of cable-supported equipment being used
  • function of the cabling system
  • manufacturer warranties
  • requirements of the client or customer


Cloud1 Networks employs standard methods and techniques to finish structured cabling systems as well as maintain them after installation has been completed. This standardization is necessary in order to ensure acceptable performance from arrangements that are more complex in nature. The benefits of this standardization includes:

  • Conformance to requirements of physical transmission lines
  • Design and installation consistency
  • Examining the proposed expansion of existing systems
  • Uniform documentation

Additionally there are 3 types of network installations that serve smaller areas such as the structured cabling systems within a building. These include LAN’s (local area networks), MAN’s (metropolitan area networks), and WAN’s (wide area networks).

Features of Structured Cabling Installation

We provide a number of different features that are common where the installing of structured cabling systems are concerned, including:

  • consolidation points
  • cross-connect facilities
  • entrance facilities
  • equipment rooms
  • horizontal and vertical backbone cables and pathways
  • horizontal cables and pathways
  • multiple user outlet assemblies
  • telecommunications closets
  • transition points
  • work area outlets

Furthermore, structured cabling systems are critical components of any IT network. Therefore, the proper design and planning along with the installation and maintenance of it are essential to the function of your network. Additionally, this can contribute to the success of your IT infrastructure and have a positive impact on your daily business operations.

About Our Structured Cabling Services

Whether you are building and developing a relatively new infrastructure or need to upgrade your current one, Cloud1 Networks is your one-stop provider for all your structured cabling needs. We are an industry leader in structured cabling system management and solutions. We take a start-to-finish approach as a full-service provider that includes:

  • certification
  • consultation
  • design and engineering
  • installation
  • maintenance
  • materials supply
  • site survey

Cloud1 Networks can customize a structured cabling system that is tailored to the needs of your small or medium sized business. This will cost-effectively enable you to integrate the latest cabling technologies so that you remain competitive and reduce your overall IT infrastructure costs in the process.

Call us to get more information about how we can help you with your custom IT requirements. Our skilled and knowledgeable engineers will be happy to assist you with queries and suggestions.

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