SQL Server

Microsoft began developing relational database management systems known as SQL servers over 20 years ago. From a database standpoint, this software product has the primary function of retrieving and storing data when other software applications request it. Furthermore, the requests from software applications can come from other computers within a network (e.g. the internet) or from the same computer. Microsoft has made at least a dozen different editions of SQL servers, so selecting the right software application can be a bit challenging at times.

Business Intelligence Capabilities

The Microsoft Business Intelligence edition for small and medium sized businesses empower companies to build and deploy manageable, scalable, and secure solutions by delivering a comprehensive platform. Capabilities include:

  • basic availability, data management, and security
  • consistent and credible data
  • exploring and visualizing rapid data
  • high performance analytics
  • high-quality data management
  • robust data quality

Adding the Business Intelligence Development Studio will enable you to develop the right Business Intelligence solutions and data analysis for your company by utilizing SQL Server analysis, integration, and reporting services.

With SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), you can perform a wide range tasks including data mitigation. Plus, you also have a platform for integrating data and workflow applications. Data ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading) is fast and flexible thanks to the data warehousing tools that are included in the application. You can also automate your SQL maintenance quickly and easily with SSIS.

Value-Added Services

The Microsoft SQL servers provided by Cloud1 Networks features a number of add-on services. While these provide added value in addition to the system that manages the core database, they are not vital to the system’s operation. You can run these out-of-process or as part of another component within the SQL server. Many small and medium sized businesses have taken advantage of these value-added services which include:

  • Merge replication – tracks changes made in databases for publisher and subscriber alike
  • Replication services – used for the replication and synchronization of database objects
  • Service brokers – used within instance programming environments
  • Snapshot replication – publishes copies or “snapshots” of the database so they can easily be replicated out to subscribers
  • Transaction replication – transactions are synced out to subscribers and enable them to update their databases

In addition to these services, you can also include SQL Server Analysis Services which include data mining capabilities. Plus, there are numerous add-on services outside of the basic SQL server package to consider as your business expands and grows. These include analysis, full text, integration, notification, and reporting services.

Cloud1 Networks understands the needs of small and medium sized businesses, so we provide a comprehensive line of Microsoft SQL server solutions that can be tailored to your company. For more information regarding these solutions as well as our other business services and solutions, please contact us today. Our technicians will be with you quickly if there is an emergency requirement or you can schedule an appointment.

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