Network Printer

One of the key components of a business computer network is the printers that are used by different departments and personnel. In most cases, the network printer does not get the attention that it deserves. However, we know that they need to be effectively controlled and managed just like any other limited resources within your small or medium sized company. Cloud1Networks can assist in this area by showing you how to manage your printers so they are cost-effective and easy to operate. We can show your staff how to maintain them as well.

Many businesses and organizations typically underestimate the costs associated with network printers and their resources such as their hardware, maintenance, paper, toner, and so on. So it goes without saying that managing these resources effectively and properly can minimize those costs. Cloud1Networks knows that the key to reducing these costs is effectively managing them and encouraging responsible use. Our consultants can show you how to manage your network printers more effectively and save you money in the long run.

Monitor Network Printer Usage

In some small and medium sized printer environments, limiting the use of a network printer by putting quotas in place may not be appropriate, especially when you don’t want to interfere with the user’s work. However, you can still focus on reducing the cost of paper, printing, and toner. We can show you how monitoring your printer logs can reveal costly print operations and teach your employees how to be more careful with their printer usage.

Furthermore, log reports for print jobs and related statistics can easily be published for management so they can see:

  • what print jobs were the most costly during the past month
  • what user has run the most printing jobs during the past month

When you display this information, it will result in your employees being more conscientious about their printer usage.

Network Printer Solutions

Because of the many requirements, systems, and users, network printer environments have to be extremely flexible. Additionally, the print server is the heart of the printing environment. It is essential to select network printers that have the capabilities and power to facilitate your company’s needs. These can be either hardware or software-based depending upon the needs and requirements of your business.

With software print servers, users are typically allowed to perform a wide range of functions before an incoming print job is filed or printed. Unlike the other network print server software packages that feature limited flexibility and hardware solutions, ours will run on every Windows platform and allow end-users to customize their printing tasks. Additionally, ours feature more options than other types and are much more cost-effective.

For more information regarding our network printer solutions for small and medium sized businesses, contact Cloud1 Networks today. We work with small and medium businesses and offer consultation in large companies. To know more about our network printer and related IT solutions, please give us a call.

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