File Sharing

File Sharing

Sharing files with your employees and management personnel can be tedious at times. Anyone who has ever had to deal with this function in their business operations knows that numerous problems can arise throughout the day. Attachments fail if you are unaware of file size limits, downloads and uploads can be extremely slow, and on and on. Plus, the entire process can make it difficult to get any work done. Fortunately, Cloud1Networks now provides secure file sharing for small and medium sized businesses.

Secure File Sharing and User Management Services

Cloud1 networks file saving and user management tools enable employees to securely access and share files. Even non-IT businesses and their employees can learn how to use these tools quickly and effortlessly. Whether you choose a cloud-based or on-site storage option for your business, you’ll be able to enjoy using the advanced back-up, security, and sharing features that are included with either one. Archiving, receiving, and sending files just got easier than ever before with our secure file sharing and user management services.

Your employees as well as your clients or customers can access files quickly and securely – anytime and anywhere. These services can easily be customized to facilitate the needs of any small or medium sized business thanks to a web interface that is simple to use. Whether they are at rest or being transferred, all of your files will be securely encrypted. However, the real security can be realized in the custom user roles and file access permissions. Additionally, administrators and managers alike can restrict file access quickly and easily, if needed.

Additional Benefits

When you use the file sharing and user management services that Cloud1Networks provides, your productivity levels will increase dramatically. Employees and managers will be able to instantly share and sync data on just about any device so they can tackle projects no matter where they are – even when they are not working together in the same location. You’ll have fast and reliable access to all of your business data. But most importantly, it will be safe and secure every hour of the day.

With the powerful administrative controls that we have put in place, your important data and information will ALWAYS be protected, inside or outside of your business. Our file sharing solutions were designed and developed to help you work smarter not harder. You’ll enjoy watching productivity levels and profits increase when partnering with Cloud1Networks for all your file sharing needs. We’ll be glad to help you

Most importantly, you’ll be able to eliminate that tedious cycle of constantly dealing with support tickets, losing productivity, and on-going training sessions. For more information about our different file sharing solutions or any of our other comprehensive business and managed IT services, contact Cloud1Networks today. Call us today to know more about our services, and we’ll be happy to discuss your troubleshooting requirements.

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