Active Directory

Active Directory

Cloud1Networks now provides businesses with Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD). This service was developed for domain networks and is typically included as a processes and services series for Windows servers and their operating systems. All computers and users within Windows domain networks are authenticated and authorized by the AD’s controller. It assigns and enforces all security policies for computers and installs or updates the applicable software. Therefore, when you log on to a Windows domain computer, the AD will check your password and username in order to determine if you are a normal user or a system administrator.

Why does Your Company need an Active Directory?

Active directories are database systems that connect all of your networks computers and other devices. Without it, all of these different machines will be operating within the same LAN or Local Area Network and set up in work groups, thereby by making each computer a standalone entity. This makes it difficult for them to communicate with one another and will require authentication by each user whenever there is a need to exchange information. Additionally, there isn’t a global account where all of these machines can be linked to one another.

All of your computers and other devices would be interconnected within a domain when your company is using Microsoft’s Active Directory. This means that all information can be stored in a centralized location rather than locally on the individual hard drives of each computer. A global “catalog” controls the domain while keeping track of the individual computers that are registered within that specific network. At the same time, it is storing computer names, IP addresses, and users. Therefore, everything is overseen by the global administrator.

Improved Scalability with Organizational Units

By using organizational units or OU’s, Microsoft’s Active Directory can improve your company’s scalability – the network, process, or system that is capable of handling an ever-increasing workload. This means that you can accommodate future business growth by enlarging those networks, processes, and systems. OU’s are basically a collection or conglomeration of computers and users. The concept of the organizational unit implies that you can organize a domain into multiple OU’s provided that domain is large enough. Although an AD can be somewhat intimidating at first, it is designed to be easily managed and more scalable.

There are no permission issues when you are using Microsoft’s Active Directory because the domain controller has already permissioned everything. Basically, the administrator of the network has told the controller what permissions should be assigned to each individual user.

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