Data Recovery

The area of IT security planning that protects businesses and organizations from the effects natural disasters and other significant negative events is commonly known as data/disaster recovery. In this context, “significant negative events” refers to anything that puts your company or organization at risk. This includes:

  • crippling cyber attacks
  • equipment failures
  • natural disasters (e.g. earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.)

In order to limit any disruptions in business operations Cloud1 Networks can customize a data/disaster recovery solution that meets the needs of your small or medium sized business. Your data/disaster recovery plan will outline the actions, policies, and procedures needed to limit operational disruptions caused by natural disasters and negative events.

Our Data/Disaster Recovery Solutions

While disasters are events that make it impossible for your company to continue normal operations, data/disaster recovery plans consist of numerous actions needed to minimize the impact of these disasters and events. At the same time, your data/disaster recovery plan will enable the quick return to maintaining mission-critical operations. We include certain elements in our recovery solutions such as:

  • provisioning LAN’s (local area networks)
  • re-establishing PBX (private branch exchanges)
  • restorative back-ups for mainframes and servers

These elements will enable you to get back to normal operations and meet your specific business needs as quickly as possible. They will also help to ensure business continuity or the procedures and processes that must be in place so that important business functions can proceed as normal after the disaster or event has passed. Where data/disaster recovery is concerned, the emphasis on business function and operation is greater than that of the company’s IT infrastructure.

Features and Benefits

Small and medium sized businesses normally have to figure out if their operating budgets can support traditional data/disaster recovery solutions. If their budgets are tight, they have to sit down and determine which applications will be left out of their recovery plan. Thanks to IT resource virtualization, we have simplified this process by using private and public clouds for your recovery offerings.

The benefit for you is that Cloud1Networks data/disaster recovery solutions are extremely cost-effective and simple to manage. If recovery is an essential component of your specific plan, you’ll appreciate the fact that we offer a comprehensive variety of options ranging from high-availability and replication applications to back-up and recovery solutions. Additionally, we will install 3 types of control measures including:

  • Corrective measures – corrects or restores your system once the disaster/event has passed
  • Detective measures – detects or discovers unwanted, negative events
  • Preventive measures – prevents an event from occurring

Over time, the face of your business may change due to expansion and growth. When they do Cloud1Networks will be there to assist you in mapping out a path starting where you currently are to where you expect or need to be in the future. Please call us with your queries and we will be happy to assist you with the Data recovery processes ensuring that all the date is restored safely. Call us now and let us help you.

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