Medical IT Services

Medical IT Services

The concept of preventive medicine and improved patient care originated at the hands of many medical professionals. These proactive measures ensure that patients enjoy a healthy, longer, and productive life. That is the primary reason that Cloud1Networks designed and developed the specialized managed medical IT services that we now provide healthcare organizations and private physician groups with. These programs specifically target the concerns and needs of the many professionals in the medical industry and their offices.

How We help Medical Professionals

Cloud1 Networks specialists have the necessary experience and expertise for cost-effectively managing IT services throughout any industry and healthcare/medical is no exception. Plus we know that your primary concern is the patient and delivering the best care possible consistently and reliably.

Does your healthcare or medical practice need professionally managed medical IT services? If so, look no further. We offer a comprehensive range of services that can meet all your requirements with ease. The products and services that Cloud1 Networks provides physicians and other healthcare professionals with will enable you to:

  • control costs
  • maximize revenues
  • reduce compliance risks
  • streamline your operations

Our consultants can show you how you can leverage the investment you’ve made in your IT system. Whether you want to add data sharing and mobility capabilities or want a more efficient way of examining your EMR’s (electronic medical records), you’ll be able to maximize your capabilities by partnering with us and benefiting from our managed medical IT services.

What our Medical IT Services Programs Offer

Cloud1 Networks managed medical IT services were designed and developed to integrate improved patient care with increased productivity. We can show you how to enhance your performance, increase usability, and optimize your IT investment. We can customize a medical IT service package that is exclusively yours and offers the following:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring and preventive maintenance for identifying and fixing potential problems, thereby eliminating downtime
  • Annual consultation and planning of IT strategies to maximize your infrastructure’s profitability and success
  • Comprehensive service packages for maintaining and managing your IT services
  • Guaranteed response time and service levels to eliminate the frustration involved when solving specific IT problems
  • Safe and secure internal or external access to sensitive patient information
  • Vendor management that takes full responsibility for maintaining your IT infrastructure

Most importantly, Cloud1 Networks award-winning IT support structure provides you with a Client Care Specialist who is assigned and dedicated as your primary contact person. We also provide certified and highly trained specialists for support that includes a virtual helpdesk.

We know that your IT infrastructure is an essential component of your practice. We also realize how healthcare organizations and physicians are under continual pressure to perform because of the recent industry upheaval. If you would like to see how we can provide you with IT tools that enable you to deliver patient care more efficiently, please contact Cloud1 Networks today. We will be happy to help you through your technical difficulties. Our network engineers and IT specialists would be available 24/7 and will be glad to be of assistance.

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