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Today’s legal industry is a highly competitive marketplace that is constantly facing a number of different challenges including improving efficiency, keeping clients satisfaction, maintaining the highest levels of client confidentiality, and streamlining their internal processes. At the same time, your legal firm’s day-to-day operations must be maintained as cost-effectively as possible. Whether you are an IT executive searching for the right experience and expertise for addressing managed IT functions and projects or you’re a legal executive looking for a partner you can trust, Cloud1Networks has the solution for you. We work with single lawyer firms to large legal firms with multiple attorneys, streamlining different IT processes.

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With our managed lawyer IT services and solutions, you hand the distraction and responsibility of managing your IT infrastructure over to Cloud1Networks specialists. In turn, we will host, maintain, manage, and support your applications, desktops and laptops, networks, and servers. We will also be responsible for any back-ups, disaster recovery, hardware and software upgrades, and security updates. Basically, if it is associated with maintaining and/or managing your IT infrastructure, we can handle it for you and we’ll do it cost-effectively.

About Our Lawyer IT Services

In every industry niche and organization, there are some people who understand IT. However, there are far more who don’t. And that is where Cloud1Networks can assist you and/or your legal firm. Many heads of IT departments or people who are responsible for managing their IT endeavors face a similar problem, namely finding the right people to manage and support their infrastructure and do it cost-effectively as well.

With the complex number of networks there is to manage today, handling all these tasks can be extremely costly and time consuming. No matter what size law firm you own and operate, you have to justify the hiring of IT services and spending precious resources in the process. And if your IT system crashes, you cannot access your client files, invoice your clients, reach your calendars, and write legal briefs. Even worse, you might have the misfortune of missing a filing deadline. Plus, how much data do you have to worry about because there is no back-up?

If you use a Windows OS (operating system) and you want to stay focused on your legal practice without having the headache of managing your IT infrastructure, Cloud1Networks has lawyer IT services that can be tailored to the needs of your law firm. When you partner with us you’ll have 24/7 support and data back-up. We will fine-tune your IT network and systems while keeping reliability and security as the #1 priority. Plus, we provide remote monitoring tools for keeping your network and system secure. If you would like additional information regarding our lawyer IT services, please contact us today and speak with one of our specialists. We’ll be glad to be of assistance and resolve your IT related queries and questions.

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