Managed IT Services

There are various aspects to running a business. And when you have other aspects to focus on, you need reliable and experienced services to handle the IT services. Your company needs to be assured that your core business operations are cost-effectively, efficiently, and reliably supported by critical IT systems. Cloud1Networks provides small and medium sized businesses with the most comprehensive line of managed IT services. We are your one-stop-shop for:

  • data/disaster recovery
  • managed IT services
  • managed IT support
  • PC and laptop repair
  • remote support
  • server implementation
  • structured cabling
  • virtualization

In the global marketplace, the key “buzzwords” are managed IT services and how they relate to IT support. Every day, increasing numbers of small and medium sized businesses are coming on board because of the need to minimize the challenges involved when doing business in the global marketplace. Cloud1Networks helps you to minimize these organizational challenges with agility, simplicity, and speed when managing and scaling your IT infrastructure. You’re probably asking yourself what we mean by “managed IT services.”

By definition, these services enable businesses to hand over their complex IT operations to an IT management service provider. The services provider takes on the responsibilities of managing, problem solving activities, and round-the-clock monitoring for a company’s IT systems. This is how you know that Cloud1 Network is not just offering you a flat rate services package and calling it managed IT services. Unfortunately, other companies will do this when in reality, they are only offering their services as a marketing ploy.

At the same time, we will show you how our services are simple, reliable, and most importantly, cost-effective. By providing you with access to our experienced specialists, hardware and software, and state-of-the-art technologies, you will have the essential tools that are needed for managing your entire IT infrastructure. Additionally, we provide 24/7/365 management and monitoring support in conjunction with disaster recovery scenarios that are tailored to your business, multiple backup capabilities, and cloud hosting support.

The managed services applications that Cloud1Networks provides today allows you to achieve two distinct goals. First and foremost, you will be alerted to any user risk or “symptom” on your IT network either before or the moment it occurs. Plus, we will know about this threat as well. Secondly, every alert you get when using our system will need to be addressed based on its importance. As a managed IT service provider, we will help you to achieve these goals. Ideally, once you have achieved this, you won’t have to treat every situation like an emergency.

It is important to realize that a proactively serviced and well-maintained computer network is always going to operate much better than one that is not. You will notice the difference in the operation of your systems when we partner with you and assist you in performing desktop organization, patch management, and proactive maintenance. Most importantly, you and your company will reap the benefits of preventing emergencies instead of having to fight them.

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