In any company that relies heavily on their IT infrastructure, there is one device that is equipped with a large number of features and network management capabilities that can enable future growth support. High quality switches supplied from Cloud1Networks give you considerably more control over your network traffic. They help support a growing network and enable the adoption of applications and advanced technologies in the future. Consequently, this reduces or eliminates the need to implement additional upgrades. As an essential hardware to receive process and put the data forward, you need to have high quality switches so that they don’t break down or snag the processes.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Switches

From a network management standpoint, there are 3 categories or types of switches being used in managed IT services today – managed, unmanaged, and Web smart. The particular type of switch you choose will depend on the level of control over your network that you would like to have and the overall size of that network:

• Managed switches – this switch is used to support what we call SNMP or Simple Network Management Protocol. They can easily be configured as well as managed in groups or a series of switches. More recent versions can now support browser-based Web interfaces.

• Unmanaged switches – these are less expensive than managed switches and are basically designed as a plug-and-play format. Although they can be locally configured and monitored via a DIP switches or LED indicators, you cannot remotely configure, manage, or monitor this type of switch.

• Web smart switches – oftentimes referred to as “smart” or web-managed switches, these have become extremely popular among companies with managed mid-size networks. These provide access to link aggregation, port monitoring, and a number of other switch management options.

The primary benefits that managed switches have over the unmanaged variety is that they offer more traffic control features and provide the user with better LAN (local area network) traffic control. Unlike unmanaged switches, they feature LAN configuration, management, and monitoring capabilities. Call us today to check the range of switches we offer on sale at the most affordable prices. Considering that we offer top quality products, you can save more and have seamless network services. We cater to small and large businesses cutting across industries to ensure smooth data connectivity and stronger communication.

Network Growth Support

Cloud1Networks supplied switches provide the user with a wide range of port and speed configurations. Most importantly, they can offer specific capabilities and features such as:

• Maximizing network uptime by utilizing numerous redundancy and reliability features
• Offering advanced features that prepare you for future growth
• Preventing costly interruptions that keep your business from moving forward
• Protecting your IT investment under the terms of a limited lifetime warranty by providing FREE software “fixes” and technical support
• Providing a greater level of detail that is vital to prioritizing critical applications, thereby allowing better network traffic management
• Using a wide range of advanced security measures to keep your data and network safe and secure while preventing non-privileged users from gaining unauthorized network access

For more information about buying switches as well as our comprehensive line of IT services and solutions, please contact Cloud1Networks today and speak with one of our knowledgeable IT specialists. They will be able to answer all your queries and questions with ease. Contact us today!

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