Proactive server management is a vital component of your IT infrastructure where maximizing its performance level and secure operation of the system are concerned. By partnering with Cloud1Networks, you can manage any server environment proactively and cost-effectively. As the head of your company, you are just as responsible for the maintenance of your IT system as well as running the business itself. However, your focus should be on meeting your business objectives and having to manage your IT infrastructure could seriously detract from that task.

The Primary Problem

Many businesses today do not have an IT management department or the resources for implementing one. Consequently, your employees oftentimes get stretched too thin in order to compensate for this. The result is oftentimes a decrease in efficiency and productivity levels that hinder a company from achieving its long-range business goals. With a managed IT server, you’ll be able to maximize your IT investment by properly maintaining and managing your daily business operations. At the same time, you’ll be able to see how well your applications and IT infrastructure are performing. And that is because we are available 24/7 for extended IT support and troubleshooting requirements.

Primary Benefits

Cloud1Networks’s managed IT server solutions have enabled many companies to monitor, patch, and troubleshoot there virtualized servers as well as their physical ones. The 4 primary benefits of our managed IT server solutions include:

• access to Cloud1Networks’s broad array of managed IT services and solutions
• certified consultants and specialists providing their OS expertise
• enhanced reliability developed by a team of superior support specialists
• monitoring and operating system management with 99.9% accessibility

If you require having your own servers, we can be of assistance. To ease your business worries, not only do we sell servers, but provide support for Microsoft Windows servers and a number of other operating systems. Apart from the security that it offers your business data, you have complete control over it 24/7. Before buying the server, you will need to judge the number of people that will access your network, the size will vary. From heat sensing features to large storage and faster processing to smaller models for new businesses, we have them all.

A Word about Our Services

In addition to a company’s IT infrastructure, our core business of managed server solutions focuses on their data centers as well. The key benefits include:

• 24/7/365 – off-site and on-site around-the-clock support ensures the optimum performance of your servers

• Comprehensive coverage – support provided for numerous hardware suppliers and vendors as well as their operating systems

• Proactive services – discover and identify capacity issues and the degradation of IT system performance so that you can take the necessary corrective action

• SLA’s – for additional peace of mind, we offer SLA’s (Service Level Agreements)
• Virtualization – we manage your virtual environments so you can focus on the daily operations of your business

With our managed server solutions, you will enjoy a wide range of services including, alert and install services, comprehensive server monitoring, hardware repair, patch monitoring of your OS, proactive support, and trend reporting for hardware and resources. Your infrastructure’s performance is just as vital to your client’s or customer’s satisfaction as it is to your business operations. Why not let the specialists at Cloud1Networks manage it for you so that you can focus on what is most important – running your business. Call us today and we’ll be able to assist you with the IT requirements.

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