As a managed service provider (MSP), Cloud1Networks realizes the value of laptops in company operations despite the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets. For many small and medium sized businesses, laptop computers can be an essential source of revenue. Although many industries have been catering more and more to the mobile user, laptops along with desktops are still the primary computing device that many companies use. This is also why having a managed IT service provider is vital to your company’s operations. We have a varied range of laptops to ensure that it meets your personal or business requirements. Call us to know more about the brands and prices that we offer.

The Role of the Laptop Computer

Granted, smartphones and tablets are essential to the ever-expanding mobile community. But an employee’s laptop can be a vital piece of equipment, especially where the creation of any type of content is concerned. That is why we suggest buying from a reputed supplier, such as our company, because quality and brand counts. If managing laptops seems to be a daunting task, we understand that without the assistance of the right MSP a number of reasons can crop up, including the following:

• In a business environment, the laptop user typically operates independently
• Laptops are rarely if ever locked down
• Users are usually mobile and in some cases remote

The downside is that many MSP’s negate the importance of these issues. The bottom line is that the business owner cannot focus on doing what they need to do 100% of the time, namely running their company.

About Our Managed IT Solutions for Laptops

For Cloud1Networks, we saw an opportunity to service a virtually untapped audience and added laptop maintenance to our long list of managed IT solutions. Whether you need one laptop or multiple laptops, we offer competitive prices. We know that your laptops play an important role in your business and that there is always the risk of employee misuse, loss, security issues, and theft. Apart from stocking on high quality and some of the best brands of laptops, we designed a managed laptop service package for our clients that include 6 key elements:

• Asset inventory and tagging
• Cloud back-up and/or sync for files
• Full disk encryption
• Location and tracking software
• Managed insurance schedules for asset protection
• Stronger end-user security that includes anti-spyware, anti-virus, and firewall protection

All of these elements play an independently significant role in managed laptop services. So if they are left unmanaged, they can present huge problems in your company’s operations.

Benefits of Managed Laptop IT Services

When you partner with Cloud1Networks, you’ll be able to focus on your business instead of your IT infrastructure. Apart from hardware warranties, we offer repairs and service, data backups and even replacements as per terms and conditions of the manufacturer. Our managed laptop IT service specialists will ensure that your system remains healthy by performing regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. We will install the most recent patches and all current updates while providing spyware and virus protection as needed. Furthermore, with our proactive server and workstation service solutions, your company will benefit from decreased risks, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

For more information regarding our managed laptop service solutions as well as any of our other products and services, contact Cloud1Networks today and see why we should be your managed IT services partner. We will be glad to give you a short demo to understand more about our services. Contact us today and let us discuss your custom specific requirements.

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