Cat5 & Cat6 Cables

Cat6 Cables

Where business networks are concerned, it goes without saying that your cabling is the backbone of that system. Furthermore, if it has not been installed properly or is not up to regulation, you will experience continual problems and your network will never achieve optimal operation. Fortunately, Cloud1Networks is well aware of the established standards and can test your network in order to ensure that there is compliance. We have the necessary equipment and experience needed for installing and testing a wide range of cabling options.

Category 6 or Cat6 cables as they are more commonly known, are a standardized typically used in backward compatible physical network layers and gigabit Ethernet applications. Unlike Cat5 and Cat5e, there are more stringent specifications involved with Cat6 cables, especially where crosstalk and other system noises are concerned. In today’s ever-changing business landscape, successful companies are heavily reliant on their communication systems and IT networks as a key component of their daily operations. Thus, we have a full inventory of cables to ensure there is never a loss of communication. Call us to know about the Cat6cables and the prices. We offer bulk supplies, if needed.

Advantages of using Cat6 Cables

If you are not using Cat6 cabling in your network operations, here are 4 reasons why you should consider switching over to them:

Cat6 cables are backwards compatible with Cat5 cables – installing these will result in better bandwidth allotment

Improved safety margins – by upgrading to Cat6 cables, you won’t be worrying about any bandwidth limitations

Over twice the available bandwidth – using Cat6 cables in your Ethernet network enables data transfers of up to 10,000 MBits/second, more than twice the speed of Cat5 cables

Your business will be future-proof – transitioning to Cat6 cables will future-proof your business so your system doesn’t become obsolete or lag behind

Other than backwards-compatibility and improved data transfers, the primary advantage to switching over to Cat6 cables is that your business will be prepared for any advancements or changes in technology in the future.

Partnering with Cloud1Networks

Whenever you are moving or upgrading your business computers and phone system, you have to contend with certain concerns about downtime affecting your bottom line and interrupting your day-to-day operations. Our data, network cabling, structured wiring, and voice systems specialists will eliminate these worries by delivering the right cabling solutions for your data, video, and voice systems. Cloud1Networks specializes in new construction, office moving, and server room cable installation and clean-up.

We will ensure that you are provided with everything that is required for your data network, telephone system, or both so that your systems are current and reliable as well as supportive of the most recent technologies. Our extensive data and voice cabling options include Cat5e and Cat6 as well as fiber optics. Additionally, the managed data room services that we provide include anything ranging from a total rack and stack to the replacement of a single router. We stock a host of these cables to ensure that all your hardware needs are met. You can browse our catalogue and check the ones that you require. Available at affordable prices, call us to place your order today. Our goal is to find the perfect balance of efficiency and technology so that you can maximize your IT investment while focus on what is most important – running your business. Call us today to know more about our services.

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